Filopto offers various reminder features and services to remind your Patient of their appointment, but what about a tool for you the user. One of the simplest to use is the Tentative Appointment flag. When a user creates a patient appointment in the scheduler, the appointment screen displays a Tentative Appointment check box which when selected identifies the appointment as Tentative and requiring it to be confirmed.

In the scheduler and on the Front office tab the View Appointment Confirmation List button displays all tentative appointments for a selected Provider and period. The displayed list contains a View Confirmation Information column which displays a drop down of the patient contact information. In this screen a user can record the action and notes related to confirming the appointment with the patient. Once an appointment is confirmed with the patient the flag is changed indicating that the Patient has been reminded of the appointment and has confirmed that they will attend.

For more information see the help file on the Appointment Confirmation list.