The Filopto Message Manager grid permit several ways to Find / Sort messages.

Use the Column Sort and Filter option.

Hover over the column header and two icons will appear.

The    is the Sort option . Click the icon to activate. The down arrow sort descending and the up-arrow sort ascending.

The is the Filter option.  Click to open the filter options. The Values tab allows users to filter on the items for the selected column. Users can place a check mark beside the items of interest and the list will be filtered per the selection.

The second tab Text Filters provides a more advanced option to filter.

The first field displayed allows users to select various methods to define the search criteria.

The second field allows users to select  or enter a specific search value.  Enter a partial name or number into the search value field or select from the items displayed in the dropdown.


When you select a search criterion, the search criteria will be displayed at the bottom of the grid. You must remove the search criteria using the X icon to cancel the search. If the search is still active you will not see the complete list of items.

Advance Filter Option

The other option allows even more flexibility. Activate the filter option at the bottom of the grid.

This option allows for the user to create their own custom search option. By selecting the press button to add a new condition (1) the  user can define their custom criteria.

The second field (2) allows user to define the criteria method to use.

The third field allows the user to enter the value (3) to find.  The searches can be saved for future use. Select the Apply button to execute the search.

The search is displayed at the bottom of the grid allowing a user to activate or deactivate a search. Select the check mark to activate or not the listed search.  The Customize button permits user to review and change a filter. To remove a filter, select the X icon.

To learn more,  see the Filopto Help file / Grid section (Data Grid)