When looking for a Patient invoice most users go through several steps of finding the patient, opening the patient file and then navigating to the Patient invoices. There is a quicker and easier way to find a Patient Invoice.

By using the Invoice Manager, users can quickly locate a patient invoice. eyecare Invoice system

If you know the invoice number just enter it to quickly open it. If you do not know the invoice number, several quick access tools are available when you open the Invoice Manager. Located on the left side of the Invoice Manager screen are various filter tools that can quickly locate and display any and all patient invoices.   Users can locate invoices within a specific time span, for a specific Patient or use more advance filters to search for a specific invoice status, provider, office or insurance company.

Whatever the search criteria entered the search is quick and easy. It will immediately display the invoices matching your search. Once you have located the invoice, select the open button beside the invoice to quickly gain access.

For more information view the help for the Invoice Manager.