Filopto Invoice screen and Lab Manager allows users to easily create and track Lab orders. That you use an internal or external Lab to process your orders Filopto can make tracking the progress and delivery of the Patient order simple.


Lab Order Module
Easily Manage Lab Orders
Lab Order Tracking
The Lab Order Manager gives you a summary of all lab orders with their current status. From the Lab Order Manager user can track and quickly advise the Patient of their order status as well as call them to remind them to pick up their order. The color-coded screen quickly displays the orders that are late and need your attention.
Track Lab Orders

Users can change the tracking information of a lab order using either the Lab Order Manager or the patient Lab Oder attached to the Patient Invoice. Being able to easily see where an order is located in your process will improve your customer service level with your patients.

To learn more on the features of the Lab Order Manager view the help file for this topic.