Here’s a good video describing of a Windows CLSID scam that has been going on for a number of years now.
Even though this video is 4 years old, it is still relevant today. As, we got a phone call today from a company supposedly called “Global Security Systems” where the caller was telling us that our Windows computer reported to them a security error code and that they have our computer’s ID. We had the choice to confirm the computer’s ID or that he shows us how to view the error code.

Having fun with the scammers

We played along up to a certain point, to see what they were going to get us to do, and those steps are described in the video. The ID(CLSID) that they are referring to is found on all Windows computers, and is not unique. All they want is to take control of your computer.
Also, we’re pretty certain that if we would have opted to view the error code, it might have been through a website that would’ve automatically displayed an error code and at the same time downloaded some software for them to take control of our computer.

Scammers using legitimate company names

Also, just to be fair, we did search if there are companies that are actually called “Global Security Systems”, and we did find some, and they are all about home and commercial security systems and in no way related to computer security.

How to avoid getting caught by the scam

Make certain that all your computers have all the latest updates installed. And, if you have additional anti-virus and anti-malware installed, ensure that they are also up-to-date.
If ever someone calls you to say that there is a problem with one of your computers and that you do not know the person on the other end of the line. Simply hang up and call your usual computer technician for further advice.